Professional Vinyl Siding Installation

Why Choose Vinyl Siding?

Vinyl siding is virtually maintenance free and never needs painting and there is no chance of it rotting like traditional wood panels. Vinyl siding comes in many styles and colors to choose from. Unlike old aluminum siding, the colors last and hold up against the suns harmful rays.

Fact is vinyl siding is becoming the leading choice for contractors who install siding on new and old homes. For one its cheaper to purchase and install than classic wood panels. However price does not seem to be an issue. Most people choose vinyl siding because of the maintenance free factor. People would rather enjoy their weekends out and with family instead of painting there homes siding.

Not All Vinyl Siding Is Created Equally

There are different grades and thickness of vinyl siding. Pride Roofing Contractors only uses the highest quality of siding products available on the market. This ensures you get a quality siding installation that will last for years to come.

Cheaper vinyl sidings can show imperfections such as siding panels bowing or sagging. This makes them suscepible to wind damage leaving you to foot the bill for a siding repair.

Other important factors are colors and UV protection. If you choose to go with darker siding colors choosing a quality siding with a UV protection is extremely important as the colors may fade quickly and leave you new siding install looking dated after only a few short years.

Our Siding Installation Guarantee

Pride Roofing guarantees all of our siding installations to be of the highest quality products and free of any defects. We gurantee this by offering the best warranty in the business of 10year from the date of the installation.

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